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Fiscal Sponsorship

Chrysalis Pictures is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Production Company that focuses on creating original works for the purpose of having a deeper understanding of all cultures and people. Within the safe haven of Chrysalis Pictures; a collective of diverse artists explore personal truths to elevate the beauty of perseverance, and use their creativity to propel change. We are committed to outreach and teaching creativity in our community helping others to find their own artistic voices.

Chrysalis Pictures fiscal sponsorship program is designed  for independent filmmakers. It provides them with a powerful and successful tool with which to raise funding, apply for grants, receive major discounts, receive corporate gifts, and provide tax deductions whether in pre-production, production, or in post-production.

Key benefits of our fiscal sponsorship program are:

  • Tax deductions for donors

  • Personal, expert guidance for filmmakers for their crowdfunding campaigns

  • Low fees

  • Discounts from Film industry companies and professionals

  • Your own fundraising page for your film

and other unique benefits to help creative talents get their films funded.  (See full list below)

We can help you raise funds for your documentary, short, feature film or webseries and help you realize your dream of getting it completed.  

Why You Should Choose Chrysalis Pictures as Your Fiscal Sponsor:

  • Donations paid in 15 days.

  • Donations are tax deductible for donors.

  • Films get the option of having their own project page on our own website, and donations can be taken there specifically for your project.  You can add video, pictures, call to actions. 

  • Special film industry discounts.  

  • We accept non-cash donations of equipment and materials.

  • We can set up recurring payments from donors.

  • Your own button for DONATIONS on your web site.

  • Get support on developing a fund raising strategy. 

  • Donations can be in checks, credit cards, you can utilize. 

What is Required for Fiscal Sponsorship with Chrysalis Pictures? 

1. Your project must be a film, media, or live performance project.

2. You must submit a proposal, and have potential of getting the project completed.

3. The project for which you are fundraising must have a goal of at least $ 10,000.

4. You must submit an online application.

5. You must agree to our service fee of 7% of your fundraising total. This amount can be added to your campaign goal. 


There is a 7% fee for all credit card donations which includes the credit card processing fee.   There is a 5% fee for checks.

How to Apply

Complete the Chrysalis Pictures Fiscal Sponsorship Application Form and be sure to follow instructions. After your application is submitted and reviewed.   If your project matches our mission statement it will be accepted, and we will send you a contract.

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